Have you a better life than me?

A philosophy question

My life

My life is probably a better life for me and your life is a better life for you.

I don’t know. I just made that up.


I wonder who had the best life known…?

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I doubt it. I probably have one of the worst lives here.

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This is to subjective to find an answer.

But probably not. Most people could not survive all I’ve been through.

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Same here 155555

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How can we quantify “a better life” in a numerical value? It is impossible since there are many variables to quantify “better”. The only value that can compare one human to another is “net worth” which is a monetary value. That is why Billionaires are ranked from their net worth total.

A lot of people could probably survive what I’ve been through but I’m surprised that

I survived it.


What’s funny is, I had that same thought after I posted my comment.

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I think I’ve been through some crap but like I’ve definitely heard worse.

So I might.

It’s not a contest either way.

I had a really rough/tough life. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, really.

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The Beatles, from 1964-1966.

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