Have y been to the aquarium recently

Maybe 5 years ago in sober house we went to the nearby aquarium. I went a lot as a kid. I’ve also been to the Coney Island and mystic aquariums but not recently. How about amusement parks??

I’ve been to rye playland, lake compounce, six flags nj , and six flags NE

I went to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago in 7th grade, on the way back my then girlfriend’s bus got hit by a semi. Lots of kids hurt, I saw it happen but our bus kept heading back to WI. I waited 6 hours after getting back to the school th o hear she was in the hospital getting stitches in her eyebrow and lip. We’d known each other since kindergarten, so she was my everything at that time. The school never notified half the parents about the accident, I called her parents to see if she was ok. They came and got me from the school and took me home before going to see her. The school district got sued so bad for how it was handled. I know JJones a 6th grader was paralyzed because of the accident, he won like 15.2mil between school district and semi Insurance company. Corrie got several thousand, but she ended up very PTSD and spent 6 months in Mendota. We broke up during a visit to her, she said it was too hard knowing I walked away from another bus ok.

Hubby and I thought about taking kids down there, but then my dreams all turned into recurring nightmares of something like that happening to us.

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Wow I’m so sorry that happened. That’s insane!!

I remember in 3rd grade we had “buddies” from the nearest inner city 3rd grade scho while we lived in a suburban town we’d go on field trips with and my best friends buddy was murdered for testifying against the person who killed his step father.

I visited a Chicago “water world” type place. They had dolphins etc. But I can’t remember the name of it. This was close to 20 years ago though.

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That is horrible to kill a child, then they wonder why kids keep quiet when they see things.

We never had a buddy on field trips, there were always parent chaperones in elementary school. Like 4 kids per adult, 36 kids a class. But middle school and high school, wild wild west, lol

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If it’s a big bubble on Lake Michigan it’s Adehh Aquariym, with dolphin shows, petting Ray’s, etc.

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Yes. It had a dolphin show. :dolphin: I visited a jazz club too !

Watching fish in an aquarium is tranquilizing.

I went to the Florida Aquarium in Clearwater, FL a few years ago. They have a dolphin there named Winter, who lost her tail in a crab trap. She was fitted with a prosthetic tail.

There is a book written about Winter called Dolphin Tale, and a movie of the same name.

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I remember visiting the Mystic Aquarium as a kid.
It was on the way to my Aunts house who lived in Massachusetts, not far from Rhode Island and Connecticut.

I live 10 minutes away from ‘Canada’s Wonderland’, been to one many times.

‘Marine Land’ isnt too far away but its shitty.

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