Have voices ever told you to commit suicide

My voices told me once to take a razor blade and cut my wrists, this was many years ago, but I survived.

Glad you’re still with us!

They have told me numerous times to commit suicide, and one time they told me to while I was depressed. I walked into my dorm room after Christmas break and my roommate had moved out and I thought it was the perfect time. I took many pills, and the cops came to my door because someone called them on me for an unrelated issue. They asked me if I was intoxicated and I told them I’m in the process of dying. I told them I took pills and that they had to leave me alone. They brought me to the hospital and I don’t remember much except my case manager showing up and feeling bad about it because it was around ten at night and I thought I woke him up.

Don’t listen to the voices!

Glad you still honor us with your presence. I’m sure the board wouldn’t be the same if you had gone through with it.

Myself, I’ve never had many external voices. But am bombarded with suicidal thoughts a great deal of the time.

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Yes, but I didn’t take them seriously. They said I must cut myself to prove I am real. But I promised my husband I woudnt

I’m 42
When I first I’ll at 18 they repeatedly said “kill yourself”

yep. i think it was back in 2007/8 they tried for about 3 months or more to get me to commit suicide. obvs i didn’t do it and never would. they’re still trying in a different manner under the guise of saving me from myself??? i got a death command quite recently…let’s wait and see if it works. obvs i’m not physically going to kill myself. i may have been through some serious ■■■■ but i will never give up on myself or my family. i have too much to live for. i may well also have a ■■■■ life but that’s not of my doing. i’ll just poodle along until i get the evidence i need for a conviction against my rapist(s) and then we’ll see what happens. if the worst comes to the worst and i do die, it won’t be of my own choosing. cryptic i know but there you go. but yes one particular voice told me to kill myself many times.


Your suicide awaits you. Go outside and kill yourself. You’ll commit suicide. Things along those lines. Yeah but that’s all seemed to stop now.

Yes, I’ve had voices trying to soothingly tell me how much better it would all be if I just jumped… or cut deep enough… or stood on the train tracks long enough.

The nice calm voice telling me how much better my family’s life would be… on and on…

It was hard to fight sometimes. Very upsetting.


Yeah thats crazy. The mind is a weird place. I still have the memory of a voice. It sounded like someones brain after they smoked a lot of meth or something somehow crystalized and fragile… like if a pile of glass could talk. It was weird. I thought it was telepathic and it really seemed like it was. It said “I’m even more ■■■■■■ up in my mind.” Never heard it again though. At the time it really freaked me out because I thought I had caught the attention of someone who was really ■■■■■■ up and was out to mutilate me and eventually kill me. God I’m glad those days are over. NO drugs ever again.

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Almost jumped off a bridge because of voices. What’s more disturbing is that it was voices of people i know.

Yup, I’ve had a voice tell me to kill myself plenty of times. Sometimes when I’m driving they’ll tell me to jerk the wheel into oncoming traffic, or if I’m at home they say I should cut my wrists or get a gun and shoot myself (I have a gun collection, but they’re not in my house any more). Fortunately that hasn’t happened in a while.

Hey jaynebeal
I like that
Refreshing someone like me goes through crap and does not want kill self
Good on ya
I am pleased to meet you

My voices are almost always trying to get my to hurt myself, but I try not to listen. Now that I am on the right meds they have quieted down and it is easier to ignore, but when they are loud and trying to get me to swallow a razor(I did it once because of the voices), I have learned not to listen. It is so hard to ignore.

Yes, my voices tell me this sort of ■■■■ along with lots of other nice things.

Don’t listen to them.

Oh all the dang time. I only hear those voices though, the demons, when I’m in an episode. My normal voices I speak with all the time aren’t usually that aggressive or cruel. (Though lately they’ve all gone quiet…wtf)

Anyways yeah I remember senior year walking down the hallways in a lot of anxiety pain and completely detached from everything just having them scream at me telepathically “KILL BITE RIP TEAR” and they’d yell insults at me, tell me to hurt people, myself, blah blah. I never listened to them though…noise I would tell myself, it was all just meaningless noise.

When I’m off my meds, yes, frequently I am told to kill myself “just like your dad did.” Or “You should kill yourself. Kill yourself now.” And on and on it goes.

Cross over to the other side, they wait for you. Yeah sure. Wait for the hand to extend to you, your ready now, yeah right.
Do it?
Nah, not today.

My voices tell me to od sometimes. "That is a suicide pill. Take several. Take many. "

I have been hearing voices for 2 years now (started May 2015)
they tried to get me to kill myself after this all started back then… I tried that once and failed… and won’t do it again… after which I ended up in the hospital for a month and a half or so… then back home again since then…

the voices tend to push the suicide thing to me often… :frowning:

but I ignore it now…
I will be getting some distance healing to rid myself of these voices for good.