Have u heard of genesight


Does anyone know about genesight?? It’s like what tells you the best medication for you and it’s covered Medicare and Medicaid In the USA.


I got genesight testing done by request of my old nurse practitioner. It’s imperfect and could well be wrong for some things and some people. I at least hope mine is, since it really seemed to say I’m doomed to being mostly treatment resistant unless I possibly want to deal with insane side effects in some.

It also doesn’t have ALL of the drugs available, necessarily.


I don’t think that gene testing for drugs is that accurate.
I could be wrong though.


I believe the figures are around 80% accuracy or something in that range.


That’s not too bad 1515


I think it’s worth trying if it’s covered and if you haven’t been on a lot. It can tell how your body processes things which can help determine which meds may be more likely for you to tolerate. It’s better than shots in the dark but I wouldn’t expect it to be a sure thing.