Have u ever hit your head

I wounded my head 3 times
I was involved in a car accident where airbag opened
I was involved in another accident where a car hit my car in the back
I am still alive breathing and walking at 22 years old

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Yes, I was in a car accident when I was like 18 where I was in the passenger seat with no seatbelts and hit my head. It knocked me out and sliced open an ear which needed stitches.

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I was wearing my helmet but I was in a motorcycle accident when I was 7 years old but there was a deep chip in the forehead of my helmet so I must have hit my head then

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I’ve had many concussions. Ranging from a ATV accident, a skiing accident, american football, gym class.

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I flipped a car when I was 16. Moved the steering wheel so far to the left with my face the door wouldn’t shut. It had no seatbelts.

Broke my jaw and had a concussion.

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I smashed my head into the fridge on a couple occasions and it knocked my thinker pretty good. Left dents in the fridges too lol

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I fell over and smacked my head when I was age 4. Had mild concussion. A dog chased me off a balcony.

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I got a concussion, at age 1, from a car accident.

When I was age 3, I fell from a second story window, landing headfirst. Somehow, I was totally fine.


Yeah ive had a few minor concussions snowboarding. 1 minor mountain biking. One from a car accident.

Yep the ole bell has been rung

Yes i had two serious headinjuries before i got diagnosed. I was a wild kid. One workaccident, a heavy oak door fell on my head, and a tackle in football where i passed out. I am so hammered.:sweat_smile: Ah yes, and my scar on my forehead before my teenage years. I feel of a toy iron ship.

Many times. But the only serious time was when I was fooling around with my friends in high school and someone pushed me and I fell and hit the back of my head on the ground. It hurt like hell but the doctor said it wasn’t a concussion, it was only bruised nerves. It was one of the more painful things that happened to me.

I passed out for some unknown reason while driving and ran my truck into a tree…I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and remember nothing about it except waking up in the ER. Totaled the truck. I got kicked in the face once while sparring in karate and the world went black with white sparkles. Here’s what my truck looked like when I wrecked it.

I got dropped down the stairs when I was a baby

Turned out just fine


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Many times… about 4 as I recall. Have the scars on head and skull. Do you think it has something to do with possible schizophrenia.

Me and some friends were playing on a “bag swing”, where a rope is tied to the upper limbs of a tree, and kids can swing out on the bag. One thing we had learned was that it was possible for a kid to swing out from the tree and then come back, and another kid to jump out from the tree and land on the bag with the first person who had jumped out from the tree. We got more and more confident, and two or three kids would jump out from the tree onto the bag, taking turns as it swung back. A couple of kids left, leaving me and another guy taking turns on the bag swing. We started waiting two or three swings before we jumped out of the tree onto the swing. One time I jumped out of the tree, and my legs caught the bag, but I missed the rope with my hands. The bag jerked my legs up over my head as it swung back, and I fell backwards onto my head. I wasn’t injured, but from time to time I think how easily I could have literally broken my neck doing that, because most of the impact was absorbed by my neck. It was no biggie, because I wasn’t hurt, but I shudder to think how easily I could have broken my neck and become a paralegic on that day.

I had an accident on my bike when I was 9 y.o. I have never been able to remember what happened. I was unconscious with a fractured skull and concussion.

I had a fall from a horse when I was fifteen that resulted in concussion. I wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time.

Teacher hit back of my head with a wooden duster,
there was a buzz in both my ears,
I have very bad experience with teachers in childhood.

Yes, plenty of times.
My spatial awareness is not great, so I keep bonking my head on cupboards and shelves.

On top of that, I was a rambunctious and active child.
Climbing, fighting, poorly attempting sports, that sort of thing.