Have to wait for a call from the pharmacist

Apparently their findings are complex. So complex, that my mother must be on the call to weigh up options

I asked my Social Worker why it’s complicated, and she just said because I have been on so many APs that what they want to do needs my approval?

Pretty annoyed about this.

I have been off work now for 6 days, and we do not have me on new meds yet!

Makes me so pissed off. They don’t seem to care about how long I am off work for, or indeed whether I go back at all.

I have no idea if I will be a cabbage afterwards, but they seem to be shirking responsibility in my case because I have capacity.

Bullcrap. That is just medical speak for not wanting to pull the trigger, they’d rather I be culpable if it goes wrong

“Well, we gave him the options, not our fault he picked wrong”

Ass hats


I hope they are able to get you on a suitable combination of meds soon. You have been having these issues for awhile now. I imagine that it will be nice to have a stable regimen of meds.


This is the end goal, but I don’t know what this looks like, whether the meds will knock me out too much.

I have always had extreme reactions to medications side effects

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Have you reminded them you can’t work until this is resolved and you’re afraid it’ll cost you your job?

I have the call at 11am tomorrow, so hopefully this will get resolved then :confused: