Have to wait 2 months for job for occupational health

They are making me wait 2 months for an occupational health appointment

Apparently the reason is they don’t want issues to arise without the reasonable adjustments in place

All I asked for was hybrid working

That’s part of the deal anyway

Spoke to the employment specialist and they said lodge a grievance

Should I do this, or just wait 2 months?

  • Complain
  • Wait
  • Tell them I don’t want the job

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I would just wait. 2 months is nothing in a lifetime.

One thing I do have questions about is how your personality is going to suit this job. Here - as a civil servant - you always have to be kind and friendly. Can you do that?

Hahaha! You don’t think I am kind or friendly?

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You seem to explode a lot. Makes me wonder…

Thanks @Jonathan2 .

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How did you come to apply for this job?

What were it’s key features that appealed your interest?

What did they like about your application?

Time to ask some questions!

I am not going to engage with anyone who doesn’t appreciate my contributions to this site

Pretty offended that you’d call into question my underlying motives on a support site

I do appreciate your contributions to this site. I even bought the Apple Watch you recommended.

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This unless I am mistaken is a passive aggressive way of saying I am not either of those things.

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All I was trying to say is that you can’t lose your temper as a civil servant. And was thinking out loud if you can do that?

Didn’t mean to cause offense or get you defensive.

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Fair enough

I am professional when I am working, but your observations are correct in that I do have to hold back

But, generally I am kind to other people and friendly

If you’re referring to the issues I have with MH services that I voice here, then I think any reasonable person with a life long condition would be more than within their rights to be frustrated at the services being provided

I depend on them to keep me well, and in turn allow me to work

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I signed my contract on may 24th. Today I had the occupational assessment for me to be able to start my job. I would wait… Maybe they have a backlog. Another company may be similar.

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If you can survive without a job for 2 months then I say wait.

Once you start complaining people start to get annoyed, then it can devolve into bad blood between everyone. Only complain if you need the job and money now.

Choose your battles carefully. Personally I let a lot of things slide unless they are very important.

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I applied because the job is interesting and not just dealing with data for profit. It’s actually a really good opportunity to do something more meaningful than making someone else richer

The key thing for me was they have the resources, investment and size of team so that I am not the only one doing the job. I had a job last year but they put too much pressure on me to set everything up from scratch

Not sure. I got no feedback other than I got an offer. It was intense testing and a panel interview that freaked me out at the time

Sorry for getting upset earlier. I did not take the news well as I have been off work for 8 months and I just want to get going again. Want purpose

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I think you’re right. The thing is though occupational health phone interviews are not really much of anything in my experience

Did it go well?

I spoke to my employment specialist who was saying it’s discriminatory making me wait that long

She mentioned about taking them to a tribunal but I don’t want compensation I just want to get started

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Yes it went fine. She will tell my manager I have a diagnosed mi condition and will ask her to put a stress assessment in place too. But they wont go into details to my manager.