Have to see new therapist? I'm upset

I was finally lucky enough to get a good therapist. But after missing 2 appointments in the last 4 months, her schedule is “too full” to reschedule.

I left her a voicemail a week and a half ago about rescheduling after I missed an appointment and I never heard back. I called the office on Friday and they just said that her schedule is too full to set up another appointment. I asked if we could schedule something further out and the front desk said I have to start meeting a new therapist.

I feel like I am responsible. Is 2 appointments in 4 months really that bad? Maybe she doesn’t like me? I dunno :frowning:

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When I was about 18 or 19 years of age, I went to a psychologist on the recommendation of a social services agency. This psychologist was supposed to be good, but then this psychologist started to get on my nerves because he had mental/emotional issues of his own. Over time, I forgot to go to two appointments with this psychologist. This psychologist understood the first time I forgot our appointment because I had to get my molars extracted. The second time I forgot my appointment with him, he then decided to kick me out as a patient. I could care less because I couldn’t stand to be in the same room with this psychologist who was pretty much a buffoon.

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i lost my favorite therapist /sw after 6 years of working with her

she had to leave for family issues

she was the only therapist i ever trusted

it took 2 years to feel comfortable but it happened

i hate my new sw she doesnt even stay for the full hour and if i say any thing about my true feelings she goes back to my pdoc and says i need the hospital

im sorry you lost your therapist it really sux cause its so hard to find a good one

good luck with finding a new one


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