Have to go out tomorrow afternoon and I don't want to

Have an appointment for an ECG. As much as possible if I go out it’s in the morning. I am not keen on going out in the afternoon and evening. Am anxious about the ECG even though I know it doesn’t hurt. I think a lot is to do with having to take the top half of my clothes off.

I hope that everything is ok with you @firemonkey (healthwise)
ECG’s are painless.
Good luck to you


I am more worried about taking my clothes off and putting them back on afterwards. I am not the most nimble of people and worry about taking too long. The actual ECG itself doesn’t bother me.

I also have to go back tomorrow for a blood pressure check. My blood pressure is usually fine. I am not aware of any cardiac problems. When I get checked at the depot clinic my pulse tends to be fast but I put this down to anxiety as my pulse when checked at home is ok.
I think they are regular heath checks. They wanted to see me as I am receiving mental health care for an annual check but I didn’t make an appointment.

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Wear clothes you’re most comfortable in taking off and putting back on. They should give you privacy to do this and knock and ask if you’re ready before they come back in. If they knock before you’re ready (they don’t time it or anything, so don’t read anything into how long they give you), then just say, “hold on just a moment, I’m not ready yet,” and they’ll walk away and not think anything of it.

You’ll be fine :two_hearts:


You don’t need the approval of the outer environment, you need the approval of your own inner environment…

Rhubot is right about wearing easy clothes and about them not thinking anything about it if you’re not ready right away. They see so many people each day that I imagine they don’t think about or remember many. Besides, they’re doing their jobs and are there for you. You’re not there to serve them. My heart races at the doctor’s. Right before and during them taking blood pressure, I take some deep breaths. Deep breath in through the nose, hold a few seconds. Feel your heart in your chest and imagine it calming. Push the breath out through your mouth. That helps me. I hope all’s well with your health and that the appointment goes smoothly!

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Please explain.

I sometimes have elevated BP when I go to the doctor. I don’t think that’s uncommon since it could be due to rushing to get to the appointment, nervousness about going to the doctor, etc. If my BP is elevated, the nurse asks me to breath calmly and to stand up for the next BP reading. It has always come back down into the normal range when I have done this.

I’m sure the people who do the ECG have lots of experience with all kinds of people taking off the top half of their clothes. It is probably pretty routine to them. You don’t have to worry about that anyway.

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I tend to get anxious very easily even over what other people would see as little/benign things.

I don’t like going out of the house as it is, but medical stuff…no thank you.

ECG done- all good.


You don’t have to rush to get your clothes off and on. That’s your business not theirs. “Approval is a want not a need…”