Have to drive to another town to get my in state driver's license

Monday I am headed to Norman so that I can finally get an in state driver’s license…I hope my car makes it…I have put it off far too long I am ready. I hope there isn’t a long line when I go in.

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Can you make an appointment online?

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no, it’s first come first serve…I don’t mind…everything seems nervous about it until I actually get there…at least I am prepared…had to wait a month to get my birth certificate…sheesh they make it hard to get a license.

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Yes, but somewhat understandable I hope when one realizes that a vehicle is a large, guided weapon in the wrong hands.

We have a motor vehicle registries in the front of our insurance agency and I’m trained to work there as a backup. Hilarity often ensues. People are required by law to have proof of motor vehicle liability insurance. Probably a third of them don’t bring it and they all expect we can verify their insurance coverage for them because we’re an insurance brokerage. Well, we can if they are a customer of OUR brokerage. If they use someone else… PPPTTHHPPPPTTTT!

Anyhow, it seems like I get to have the same argument with different people several times a month. It’s truly horrifying how dumb some people are and they’re allowed to drive.