Have the option to go to a group program tommorrow

my ego is keeping me from going

Go! Its not so bad. Its not as much talking
as one on one therapy, which I like cuz I was often grasping at straws talkng for 45 mins with someone. And u might find a friend. Good luck!

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You ought to try. It can be good support. I’ve been to a few myself.

I go to one twice a week, and we have a great support system! You should go, for sure, you never now wat will come of it!

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It may be that you have to push yourself to go and you will feel better having tried

I’d give it a go. As others say, you never know what will happen. Maybe you find a new friend. Maybe it will help you?

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Does “my ego…” mean “my self-pride is keeping me from going”? Sorry, English is not my first language, but I am keen to learn more about this. I have same problem going to Christian meeting and you probably have just voiced out the root cause for me too.


gonna shoot for tommorrow

At least it will get you out of the house so you’re not just sitting at home thinking about your problems. If you go it might be the first step to doing something really great.