Have the moderators changed their moderation style?

:crystal_ball: Outlook good

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Feels more like you are just stick stirring.

spoken from someone who hasn’t had any strife, hard-ship, or putting down where you go. You still believe it all?

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your going to have to explain that daze lol i have no clue

You’re alright @Daze you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.


I’m really not trying to stir up or troll. It’s a story about what happened in an alternate reality. Amirit?

We haven’t changed our style and we won’t.

As for someone else being suspended for a long time, suspensions grow with each infraction, especially if it’s the same behavior over and over.

Do we always make a larger and larger suspension? No. It depends on what was done, how bad they behaved, and their history, along with if a mod thinks they need it.

I don’t know why I am targeted in your OP because I typically hand out a day or a week.


you are so unwell :rofl: :rofl:

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It’s just that there was a situation earlier that involves those people that happened in real life. So it seems more than coincidental. And you can probably tell it is still upsetting some of the people involved. So why. :woman_facepalming:t2:

it’s just terrible reputation now honey. idk! who says who? and does away with.

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Don’t let anyone rile you up. Hope you got some fireworks watching in! Our neighbors around the street set off some good ones last night. Our cats were freaked out though. Was deoge okay with noise?

she did alright. I bet your cats were. Hope we don’t get a repeat.

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I’m going for an edgier high fashion moderation style these days…


What are you talking about?

Dahling, you look diviiiine


I miss when @ninjastar poured burning oil on you from her zeppelin at 1,000 feet. Takes m4d sk1llz to hit a target from that height.


Personally, I prefer modding in my leather suit from my lair.


I’d help out but i’m too busy atm :rofl:

old characters don’t change. nothing to put usunder.

@ZombieMombie meow…

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