Have the moderators changed their moderation style?

I think hap or somebody else talked to sz admin. Then sz admin told them to suspend less often and for shorter times. It probably didn’t sit well with zombie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Now golden Rex is wondering why they ■■■■■■■ changed it. Hap or whoever talked to sz admin thinks it’s funny. Daze is just being reckless with her posts. She is happy she is suspended less though. Funny story.

I think it’s for the better :slightly_smiling_face:.

CBD makes me come up with fictional funny stories sorry

Who’s hap?


I think you made this scenario up in your mind. They just suspended someone until the beginning of next year so I don’t think anyone told them to suspend less often or for shorter times…I dunno where you came up with this story…

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wow, what did someone do?

you mention my name? wtf? you should take inventory!

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They were insulting the forum and the people on it and being combative with everyone.

That was the pet peeve belief.

oh right yea i did see some drama today

@discobot fortune

what do you think?

:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good


It’s suppose to be a funny story.

i totally agree with the robot, just saying :rofl: :rofl:

My man hahhahahahaha

are you hating on me? I don’t like these reference, just talk to me in person!

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I have not said one word about you daze


We haven’t changed our style in any official way. We are all much busier in our personal lives now, though, so that might be affecting things slightly.


keep up the good work @ninjastar :slight_smile:


Oh ok. Sz admin didn’t talk to you about moderating? :thinking:

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@discobot fortune