Have the forum rules been updated yet?

Only thing that occurs to me is that users who have gone off meds with proper medical oversight are being slagged for it. The site is pro-treatment, not pro-medication which people get confused a lot. Don’t know if that is worth a mention?

As far as I know, nobody has quit meds entirely. Just followed their doctor’s advice to take meds other than an AP.


Though, lots of people do seem to act like those are the same thing…


Yeah. I catch a lot of flack and have people going “she isn’t even on meds!”

Yes, I am. ADs, not AP, and I have an AP prn if I need it.


That is still treated like a High Crime.


Regarding the new rules

Well you removed democracy from the rules so “A” for honesty.

The “Golden rule” is wrong. Everyone is a unique individual and we don’t all want to be treated the same. A better rule would have been the “Platinum rule” which states you treat people the way they want to be treated.

Legal medically assisted suicide (euthanasia) is legal and available in Canada (where I live) and it looks like it will be available to the mentally ill within a year. If I deteriorate to a point I can’t tolerate my life and become treatment resistant I will be exercising that option. I will say my goodbyes to the people on this forum and if that breaks the rules about me discussing euthanasia I don’t care because I’ll be dead.

PG-13 is a bit extreme because the vast majority of schizophrenics are older adolescents and adults but that being said I’m not advocating extreme vulgarity, pornography or anything of that nature.

Other than that the rules seem reasonable for the most part. I’ll abide my them even though I don’t fully agree with them.

Yeah, as I said before, the democracy thing was from before we had a full mod team and staff. Now that we have those, we do still take into account what the majority ask for, but the decision-making process is more clearly defined. Members make their preferences known, the mod team talk with the admin team to determine if that is in the best interest of the forum, and the admin team makes the final call.

This is already the way things have been run, but now it is spelled out more clearly.

Keep in mind that this site was created by a family member who lost his brother with SZ to suicide. He has been kind enough to pay the bills here for decades including those times when it was anything but financially convenient for him. It’s kind of poking the poor fellow in the eye to promote euthanasia here, even if legal. He has been extremely good to our community and it would be nice if we could return the favour.


The list of banned topics was handed down directly from the admin team, who made the final call there.

That said, I fully agree with it.

The PG-13 thing is more of a legal decision. Since we allow anyone over age 13 to sign up, we have to enforce it as a site appropriate for 13 year olds, despite our average userbase.

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What about quoting ancient books that some people just consider old books of wisdom, but other people consider religious books? I used to quote the Tao Te Ching on here, but it is considered by some to be a book of philosophy, and by others to be one of the two main texts of the religion Taoism. If that rule is going to be enforced, shouldn’t it be explicitly mentioned?


@Rosenthal philosophy is the same as religion.

My dictionary disagrees, but you are entitled to your opinion.

Philosophy is not the same as religion, though they frequently overlap. As for where the line gets drawn, it probably depends on the context.

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I personally do not flag or hide any philosophy. Taoism is a tricky one because it has philosophy and is considered a religion by some. That one I usually leave alone, though.


Yeah, Taoism is a difficult thing to judge, because as you said, some think of it as a philosophy and others a religion. It’s not nearly as clear cut as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, etc. Excellent question that I don’t have a definitive answer for. I would say that maybe, as Ninjastar suggested, that it may have to be based on context and judged on a case by case basis? I don’t know, maybe more mods will input on this. I would like a clear cut answer myself.

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Another thing we have trouble with is people confusing spirituality with religion. We have gotten a lot of flags over that in the past.


@ZombieMombie, just one question…
Dark mode?

Both are pretty much the occult

Dark mode can be set on your phone, at least on Android.

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Hm. I just changed phones and can’t set dark mode for the forum now. Not sure why.