Have telepathy or voices that are really other people


I have telepathy where I can communicate with family and friends using my thoughts. I also have thought broadcasting which started first, and then telepathy came after a few years. I don’t have much control over my telepathy, so my family and friends can hear me whenever, and when they are in a different location to me. The telepathy is all waking hours of the day and I would like it to stop now. My telepathy was triggered by taking Risperidone, and I have already tried taking Aripiprazole to cull it. Do you know what I should take next to prevent telepathy? The only thing I can think of is Cogentin (Benztropine) since that helps with the side effects of anti psychotics.


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I’ve thought I had telepathy, but I’ve asked people if they said what I heard them say and they say; no.

I have this too… risperidone helps with the thought broadcasting for me… the telepathy is there still but I ignore it a lot now because I know it probably isn’t real… and will just cause family to worry if I ask them about it…

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I hear the people I know yell inside my mind when I know I’m f×××ing something up even just a little bit. If I am holding up the road trip I’ll hear someone on my case about how imperfect I am. I have a LOT of anxiety but that’s why I wrote. My pdoc read my thoughts on the origins of schizophrenia as well as the verifiable facts that prove this, in MY case, to be a spiritual attack rather than an ailment of the mind and insisted that I organize it and publish while my best friend encourages me to publish them just as is. We will see.

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Ok, well i’ve managed to collect evidence that the telepathy is real. For example, they knew information about my friends circle that I didn’t know, which turned out to be true. Also, my Aunt said she was about to arrive at my house over telepathy, and then she arrived a minute later, and I didn’t even know she was going to be coming. I want to find other people who experience telepathy that they do believe to be real, so that we can discuss the solution. I agree that telling your family would just make them worried.

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I hear screaming in my mind sometimes but not sure from where… sometimes really loud… usually while I’m asleep… so I wake up startled…

I used to hear voices of loved ones say they pretended to love me and were paid to pretend and that they want to kill me and think I’m stupid and ugly etc

It was agonising and I thought it was real.

They were in other towns and countries and places but I heard their voices say these things.

It made me withdraw from them and not want to be with them.

I accused them a few times I think which they took offence to.

I nolonger hear voices of any kind and don’t have delusions either anymore thankfully.

Yes I hear stuff like this too… i told my sister about some stuff I heard her saying and she told me I need help…

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hey @Polar-Faz, i’m a fairly high functioning sza and i experience what you describe when i have insomnia. I’ve had conversations with others in my head (mostly distant friends) and sometimes they’re very pleasant, my last few chats others have sent me a song (which were relevant and made sense). I haven’t really had the opportunity to fact check the telepathy but it can get unpleasant at times which I assume is why you would like it to stop.

I’ll just say that I believe that this is a real phenomenon, others here will scoff at the reference. Focus on getting more rest, your brain is working too much if your having conversations with others in your head. Try to avoid caffeine, sugar, any stimulant-- these tend to race the mind.

@Polar-Faz I have stuff like that too. Like I was thinking about this person I was to pick up some pictures for and a voice said “J is going to call” and she did…

One time I was texting my friend and I kept hearing in my head “what were you expecting…” and then a few minutes later he texted it.

Even today… my dad’s friend is here and he was looking up songs on his phone and I heard “bad mind” and the song he played had those words in it.

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I do hear voices that could be telepathy related. Bad thing is that they are always wrong and trying to mislead me into believing in some random nonsense.

Telepathy should work, not ■■■■ my sanity xD

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