Have realised my meds are as low and streamlined as my illness allows

Any attempt to lower any one of the meds s results in failure.

In a way it is a relief - trying to lower meds is very hard on the mind and body.

Onwards and upwards!!


I am on minimum meds as well, I have paranoia on 3mg Risperdal but not on 4mg.

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I tried lowering my Risperdal from 4mg to 3mg but it didn’t work out.
I became manic and paranoid on the lower dose.

I’m now back on 4mg and feel better.


Last year I tried lowering my Invega from 12 to 9 mg. Did not end well. Back on 12 mg with Leponex as a prn.


Pdoc won’t raise my perphenazine because of more side effects. I think I’m okay at 16mg twice a day.

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