Have not worked in a long time

I feel like I am retired from work because I haven’t worked for at least 7 years. Does anybody else feel like you are retired.


Yes I’m retired. I have been on disability for almost 42 years now.
During that time I had try to go to school and or work, but it has never worked out.


Yes. Apart from two brief spells working under the table with a friend, I haven’t worked for about 20 years.

I have never worked.

Yeah me too I haven’t worked since 2007

I do not feel retired, but rather temporarily put aside. I will get back to work.

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Had a brief couple of months working for a bookstore but haven’t worked really since 2004. I’m not complaining…whilst the parents are alive I live a decent life! I try to fill it up with worthy things to do and recommend volunteering or a hobby or something to eat up some time!


Haven’t worked in six years. I hate it

I haven’t worked for 5 1/2 years, I think I’m getting close to going back. I just need to find the right kind of job, a good fit and I think I might be able to do it. Maybe. We will see.


I only ever worked kind of temp work for Goodwill under BVR. That was for a few months in my 20’s and I’m now 37.

i haven’t worked in a few years now. its almost like I’m retired, right now I’m trying to decide if i should try this micro farm thing and be my own boss or go back and find a job. i just don’t get enough money to retire completely or i would. i really like this lifestyle

I haven’t worked since 2009…and when I try to get a job nobody will hire me because my work history is non-existent. So I feel like I’m retired, with a below-poverty level pension (disability income).

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I don’t think I have ever worked full time since I got out of the army thirty-seven years ago.

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I haven’t worked in 15 months, but it feels like a lot longer than that

I am working for myself now for the first time in 22 years. And it is fun. I only work part time. I haven’t told SSDI yet. That’s because I don’t yet know how much money I’ve made so far. I see my mentor this Thursday and she should help me to figure that out. She comes in to see me from out of state. I have to open a new checking account at a nearby bank just for this job, since I don’t have a car. I am a door to door saleswoman for Avon. My territory is the senior care community where I live. I also have a website that I promote on popular social media.

It’s been about 10 or 11 years for me since I’ve worked.

But before I got sick I worked a lot of odd jobs, then I was in the service.

But yeah, I’m unsure if I’ll ever be able to work again. I do feel somewhat retired, even though I’m fairly far from the average retirement age.

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Welcome to the club. A relapse knocked me out of work and school 3 years ago. I have not worked 7 years and haven’t been to school 3. I got a degree at the end of my working years for 4 years and got an associate’s degree by taking one class at a time. I made a perfect grade point average but considering that i wasn’t working, or taking care of kids like most students there and taking one class at a time that’s really not a big deal.

I was beginning to relapse towards the end of the schooling and went to the Psych Ward less than a month after my last semester ended. I had manic symptoms as well which may have been due to a reaction to a new drug I was taking. However my sleep quality was already way down before I took that drug as I would wake up around midnight to take my tests which became available a minute later because I would not get any more sleep. My father’s death, and moving to my first apartment also led to my relapse.

Before then I had worked or gone to school for almost 18 years after I first became sick (there was a 2 year period of adjustment from flunking out of school due to mental illness to starting to work mainly as a volunteer. I went to the Psych Ward 4 times in a half year and my goals went from lofty around the time of the first visit to zero after the last. Seeing that I was stuck on SSi and being forced to go on more programs in order to adjust to apartment living i found that there was no longer any incentive to work and quit trying. At first when I was coming to that decision I was disgusted by the type of jobs the work agency wanted me to do as they ignored the degree I was working on. Then I realized my work skills were gone as i was unable to physically do the job due to weight gain and plantar fasciitis and mentally addled by the relapse. My writing also suffered as well as only my poems were something anyone cared to see any more. It’s a slow mend and I realize I will likely never be where i was before the relapse.

So now i’m focused on the weird concept of survival. It took me a while to get used to all the idle time and the downgrading of my status in society and even my family although I keep in touch with them when I can. One way i have adjusted is to look at the sunrise and sunset. I also put more energy into cooking. Talking to others is interesting at times The society i used to know doesn’t understand me any more and I am slowly connecting as much as realistically possible with the one I have now. I may work as a volunteer again someday and the government may try to force me to work again but for now I’ll stay the way i am.

I feel like if my physical issues got better maybe I could work. Meds that turned me into a zombie have been as much to blame as the Sza for my past joblessness.

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