Have not had any wine for over seven years

i am glad, back in 2004 we, I and my father, had some sparkling wine while we had our own art exhibition, just for us, we had many paintings and we had sparkling wine while discussing these art works, it was our little hobby, but those times are in the past, I am glad that I have not had any wine. Good memories though.

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I can’t wait to get away from substances… but it’s rather incompatible with my life right now. Not a single social event I go to doesn’t have booze of some kind. That’s a poor excuse, but seriously. My mom offers me beer, my bro offers me beer, my friends offer me beer, it’s a bar town… beer beer beer… lol

i think everything in moderation is what i would say,

if you have a problem with it then stay away from it, take care :slight_smile:

When I lived with my father, we had ups and downs, but I try to remember those good times we had, today he is at the elderly care facility where I visit every week. You could say that we were the father-son team. But the world changes as we become older. :smile:

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i visit my friends dad in the care home with my friend, she needs the moral support and i like seeing him as well, he is very frail now and just getting over shingles, i was there yesterday and its hard to see someone in that state, life is pretty fickle if you ask me.

I am too tight with money to drink much at all. I don’t really get drunk and I think the money could be spent elsewhere. Caffeine and nicotine are my go to drugs. Mild stimulants.