Have had a headache for 5 days

Not sure what’s going on.


have you checked your blood pressure and pulse?

I once had a migraine that last for a month, felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat every three hours after pain killer wore off, there was nothing left of me by the time it ended
After years of suffering one doctor finally figured out my blood was to thick and thinned the blood, it worked

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I’m prone to intractable migraines. It’s miserable. They always want to do as spinal tap. Last one I had was 6 months long with zero relief. No meds even touched it. Now I’m on botox and don’t get intractable anymore.


Have taken some Tylenol and ibuprofen. It helped earlier.

Tbh feels like a stress headache but I don’t feel stressed

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go to Emergency room have them check you out. it could be one of many many things.

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man I’m so sorry…I would get tests done…maybe you need a blood thinner like the other poster suggested…could be fixed…

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I get intractable migraines too and Botox doesn’t touch them. I’ve been suffering with them for 40 years now. They’ve gotten worse in my old age.

How long did you do botox for?

I had awful headaches and my doctor put me on clonazepam. Completely masked the pain, but if I went off clonazepam the headache came right back. After reading about them on the internet I tried magnesium and melatonin for a week. Headache went away completely. Getting off clonazepam was another story, I had become dependent on it.

I also feel like Sh@t today too, i too some Tylenol.

I get them a lot too, who knows

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