Have been off meds for a few weeks but

My mum says I need to call the mental health team to get back on meds …
Because yesterday my brother decided to come to this house with his girlfriend. He asked me to go down and meet her. I said no I am not coming down. When he left i expressed to my mum that he is absolutely stupid to let his girlfriend stay over, that is one thing but also bring her into our house where my 98 year old grandmother SHOULD BE SHEILDING. Risking her safety like that.
I did not get angry at him because whats the point but when I expressed my annoyance to mum she said even she goes shopping so whats the big deal…
So I have to call the doctor to get back on meds.

What meds have to do with this incident?


She thinks I am displaying symptoms… because getting a little upset over this situation means meds are warranted…
i am angry maybe a little jealous that my brother has allowed his girlfriend into his house when rules state this is not right …
and I have not seen my partner since feb


That’s justified. No need for meds. In my opinion


I called the doctor anyway because yes I do think I need meds, maybe this situation isn’t the best example. But I am getting super anxious… my partner says I spend hours and hours studying and burn out and want to give up after… its not normal

Yea that’s not good that she is staying over.

I must admit at one point I thought oh well everyone is gonna catch covid anyway. But I think I read that not only is prevention possible but also its about the more exposure to covid particles the more likely it becomes that you get symptoms. So it’s about keeping possible exposure as minimal as possible.

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