Have been advised against this by doc but it helps i think

yeah so i am sorry if i am breaking the rules or guidelines or anything but yeah…

i am doing something my doc said i shouldnt which is take a little more of my medication than i am prescribed but only when i think i need it,

i bite a little bit off of the little pill i take must be only a 5th of it if any about 20mgs at most and that seems to help me with anxiety,

my doc said something about keeping the dose steady idk what he meant by that but i was getting really bad anxiety and i had to do something,

you shouldnt really go against what the docs say though,

idk if @SzAdmin knows what my doc might mean about keeping a steady dose? what would happen if it was up and down a little idk.

Anxiety is the bane of my life with my AP. If taking a small bit of your AP helps have you considered taking it during the day instead if you’re taking it at night?

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If you are having anxiety problems and find you need a stronger dose, why don’t you just have your doc prescribe a stronger dose? That has to be healthier for your system than fluctuating constantly. Or try adding a med for anxiety.


thanks for the reply @everhopeful

i take 100mgs Amisulpride x 2 morning and at night

150mgs pregablin x 2 morning and at night

and omeprazole 20mg x 2 morning and at night

my anti anxiety med pregablin is supposed to help but idk if it does i just kno that it knocks my sleeping pattern off if i take anymore lol

@cj9556 its really hard to change meds bc i dont want anything to have a bad effect on me bc of everything i am doing just now, things are working ok just now its just the doc said to keep it steady, i mean it is steady unless i forget and even after just 30 mins after i am supposed to take them i start getting either withdrawals or symptoms (idk which) so i need to stay on the ball,

i was put on pregablin because i was experiencing anxiety and pain and i was getting chest pain and things that was really bad. pregablin is a pain med as well.

if you knew me though you wouldnt think it bc i hide it so well but sometimes i just cant hide it, like yesterday i did too much and had an anxiety attack in the street with my friend so she knows all about it so i just sat down on a wall and had a rest for a while until i felt able to get to the car for the drive back, i think it was because i was in a rush and worrying about being late for college :frowning:

I understand not wanting to rock the boat by changing meds. Which one do you take more of? I think even if you choose to go against your doctor’s wishes you should keep him informed about what you’re doing. That way, he can monitor you and let you know if you start doing worse in a way that you don’t realize. Even when I disagree with my doctor, I let her know what I am choosing to do anyways, so she can make objective observations about my behavior and symptoms.


When you take the AP in the morning, how long does it take for the anxiety to kick in?

Is it worthwhile asking your doc about taking the whole lot in the morning if the AP itself keeps anxiety at bay?

i take a little bit more of the AP Amisulpride when needed its very little but it helps, sometimes i think it is the placebo effect but that doesnt help thinking that so and i kind of know for certain that the extra bit of med helps and

@everhopeful it is sporadic and idk when i will need to do it,

i keep my doc informed of everything and he seems really nice so far (have only met him twice) the doc before that was good but this new one seems a little more personal like i asked him if i could look at some notes of mine just to see how i’ve progressed and he said it should be ok but not all of them lol. he really wants to help me as much as he can i think.

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It is good that you have a decent doctor. Mine is good with finding the right meds, but she definitely does not have the personal touch. Every brain is different, so if the little bit extra every now and then helps, I guess that’s good. And if you notice negative effects in a little while, you will know where they are coming from.

Why not use a pill cutter?