Have APs helped your paranoia and delusions?(POLL)

  • Antipsychotics have wiped away my paranoia and delusions clean
  • Antipsychotics helped a little bit manage my paranoia and delusions
  • Antipsychotics didn’t help me manage my paranoia and delusions.

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Also have they improved your social life?
Do you find you have more friends being on a AP?
Please leave a comment below !

I appreciate the support

I’m somewhere between the first 2 options

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That’s really good!!!

What are the benefits of having the success?

I just don’t live in terror

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Which in turn can improve your social life
How’s that in your life?

Good. my only problem socially is I don’t know enough women.

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They help a little.

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They have helped me a lot but I still struggle with some things yes but no where near as bad. They also helped me socially.
So did Vyvanse, socially, according to hubby and friend

Yeah I’m kinda between the first two. I think delusions pretty much gone. Paranoia when stressed still a problem but most times ok. They do help for sure over not taking them and things like racing thoughts are no longer much of an issue for me.

They have helped my social life a bit as I volunteer every week on the AP’s. I only have one friend to my name though so, they have not really helped me to make friends.

Still struggle socially With blank stare and few words

Most of my years taking them, I only got bad side effects and no results with positives or negatives. I’m not really a fan of them.

I still get paranoid, but my delusions are manageable. My thought disorder is still there, but no where near as bad as when I am of meds.

People can’t understand me talk when I am off meds

Yes meds have helped my paranoia and delusions but they still there in a mild form

I never really had paranoia so much, just a smidge. I don’t think I’m delusional anymore.

It’s…partially helped.

I still get episodes, have my concrete delusions, and have paranoid times.

But the meds have helped, they decreased them. Made it easier to cope

The APs have helped wipe away the delusions but I still get paranoid from time to time.

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