Have anyone experienced with the antidepressant mirtazapine?

thought i might use it for my depression. also i heard that its effective against the negative symptoms of SZ.

What is its generic name?

mirtazapine is the generic name and remeron is the trade name.

My mom took that. I don’t think it helped her. Isn’t that a gabapentin drug?

no its not. thanks for the reply anyway.

@Muhammed,I take mirtazapine for 1 year already,it started to have an effect after 2 months,it is very good at lifting moods,and I am sure it does help with negative symptoms a little,be patient and good luck!

I had it for a year. I was constantly hungry. I ate and ate and slept all nights and days and the ate again. I gained 30 kg in a year.

my shrink warned me it would make me hungry so i chose not to take it.