Have any of you had a head injury as a child that you think might have caused your sz?

i had a head injury as a child… i was ten and fell off a horse…i hit my head on a log (tree really) and was knocked out for just a moment… i had a bruise from my temple to the back of my head…

my parents did not take me to the doctor… they did wake me up a few times that night to see if i had a concussion…

it did not appear as though i did…

plus i had symptoms before that even… so it probably wasn’t the cause… but sometimes i wonder…

hugs to all

I’ve hit my head a couple of times as a kid. I don’t think that is the cause.

I got hit by a car riding my bike to school in 1st grade, it knocked me down and I slid under the moving car. Came out crying because the tire rolled over my lunchbox and squished it, didn’t notice the cuts and bruises on both knees and elbows.
At 10 years old I was rescuing a cat from the top of a tall camphor tree, and while holding the cat with one arm, I swung down to a pretty thick branch the same height as our house, it snapped off and woke up flat on my back on the ground- without a cat. Don’t know how long I was out, and it hurt to breathe or laugh and had a big headache and couldn’t eat.
About 5 hours later mom came home and took me to the Dr.s, no x-rays, but they asked a few questions and sent me home. Nothing broken, but my entire back was bruised and had a big lump towards the back of my head from another large lower branch.

Does beatings from a mean brother count?

I had a very traum,atic birth my mother actually became paralysed and they gave her the wrong blood so I was away from my mum for the first 2 days.
I also remember as a kid being underneath a caravan and banging my head on it really hard.

I fell on the back of my head once and I remember it was a hard hit, but I don’t think it’s the reason anyway.