Have any of you experienced pitching?

I just pitched forward a little today. I stayed on my feet, thou. It wasn’t too strong a feeling. But I’ve heard about pitching and wonder if any of you know of it.

What is pitching?

I think it’s an involuntary motion of moving ones body. Like pitching out of bed when one can’t get out of it normally.

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What’s it’s wonder?

I think it’s cause might stem from an infants need upon being left alone.

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yeah I force waking up almost everyday ? is that what you mean or is it like cat’s kneading?

No, it’s totally involuntary. As if an invisible man threw you.

I had something similar when I was psychotic. It felt like something else was moving my body.

I felt something similar to that when I was experiencing Parkinson’s like symptoms… difficulty stopping and pitching forward.

I was expecting to read about pitching a no- hitter…
I’m still confused.