Have agreed to go on Clozapine

Sounds like a massive decision with all the monitoring etc, but I was at risk of an out of control QTC Heart thing as I am just above the limits, so adding Queitapine isn’t really an option.

There was a typical AP they said as option 2, but I have bad experiences with Haldol…

This pharmacist had to look at my meds history from 2003, and Clozapine is the preferred option, so I said yes man


Hope it is good for you.
My pDoc told me its the gold standard for SZ.
Are you okay with the regular bloodwork?


Good luck, maybe you can cope on a lower dose, and be monitored!


Don’t really have many other options that will work as well as this one seems to, so I’ll have to put up with it!

Apparently they have a machine that checks it instantly


I hope it works well for you

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I was told to watch this:

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Welcome to the club of long sleepers!


Won’t be able to do that as I have a dog and a job!

Will see what state I am in in a few weeks time, but I am hopeful things should be ok

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What is the dose that they are going to put you on?

No idea. They will up it everyday for 2 weeks until it’s optimal.

Apparently because I smoke it might have to be a higher than usual dose for me

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Good luck with Clozapine @Joker

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Thanks all who have commented.


Hopefully this will work for you.
Clozapine is usually very effective.
Good luck @Joker


Good luck with Clozapine. I would be on it if it wasn’t for the weekly blood tests.

Here the weekly tests are for 18 weeks. I have to be under the crisis services for 2 weeks so they can do physical checks at home

Apparently you used to have to be inpatient previously to start Clozapine, but no more.

The first day I have to spend 6 hours in a outpatient clinic whilst they monitor me.

We will have a disagreement if I can’t have my smoke breaks.

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Good luck with the new med! I hope it works well for you.

I know finding the right meds can be a pain in ass. I’ve heard great things about clozapine.

I did the heart EKG test for Clozapine but then changed my mind and stayed on 6mg risperidone because of the regular blood tests. How was your EKG? The nurse shaved my chest for the tests to put electrodes.

I did this and my QTC was borderline, but everything else was fine I think

Have bloods being done tomorrow, so hopefully that’ll all be ok

If you ask me I think people on any AP need more than just a token yearly physical done.

This whole Clozapine business seems like a lot of effort, but to stop the torment I think it’s probably worth it


The thought of this is making me feel sick.

Just read the 30 page PDF on how to manage Clozapine.

They don’t mess around, this is going to take a lot of effort to keep going

Not sure I am up to it

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They definitely take it serious in the UK. I just got the pills. Had to do blood tests every week. Then every month and now I don’t even have to do those anymore.

Never got a document to read.