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have a question: I had a vision where an angel told me to kill myself and showed me the hell I would go to. Was this real or just a hallucination

It was a hallucination.

It was a hallucination. When did you have this hallucination @flowers20 ? Recently?

I believe it was a hallucination.

It was like a year or two ago.

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Why do you say it was an angel? The way I deal with this stuff is not to make any assumptions or jump to any conclusions. To often people who have such perceptions make the error of attribution and that is how they become deluded.

There were times when I thought other people were trying to get me to kill myself, but never an angel.

When you say you had a “vision” do you mean with your eyes? or inside your head? It’s most likely a hallucination if you actually saw it. A few years ago, I had very, very VIVID “visions” that felt like information was being ‘downloaded’ into my brain. Some were quite fascinating.

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It was inside my head. Is that what you experienced when it was being downloaded?

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Yes. I experienced extreme visions that were very clear and very powerful. The only (external) hallucination that I have had is when I thought I was on another planet and people’s heads looked like they were stretched out. I haven’t had really powerful ‘downloads’ in a few years. One time, I had one where I believed I had died and crawled out of the grave and forgot about it. Scary!

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