Have a busy week ahead of me

Tomorrow I teach; I’m giving an exam in lecture, then a normal lab, so it will be a relatively easy night. As always, the commute will be the most stressful part of it, especially on the way there.

Wednesday I see my nurse for my Abilify injection. I’m also going to ask her about this weird little twitch I’ve been having since we upped my Haldol, though it’s probably nothing. I may have to call off from teaching since I will be getting up no later than 5am the next day, and I don’t get home until 10pm on nights I teach. I’m afraid of getting too far ahead in lecture, anyway, and I’m allowed one absence per semester with no dock in pay.

Thursday morning I have my interview at the hospital for inpatient pharmacy tech, very excited and nervous about that as so much is riding on it, followed by teaching that night.

Friday night I’m going to a concert, so I have that to be excited about as well. :grin:

Saturday I’m off work, so I’ll be able to recover from my busy week.

This week should be interesting, with the possibility of wonderful things to come from it, the most eventful week I’ve had in a long time. :slight_smile:


Cool and best of luck :four_leaf_clover: I am sending positive vibes…

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What is the subject of your upcoming lecture? What do you teach?

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I teach introductory biology at a community college. Tomorrow night’s lecture period will be just the exam, but the next chapter I’m teaching focuses on energy, as far as what it is and where it comes from. Stuff like photosynthesis and cellular respiration (the way most cells produce energy for themselves).


this week is going to be busy for me too. the beginning of a month is always busy for me.

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