Haunted by voices

so i am hearing voices but they are very hushed and only appear once in a while. they talk about the same senseless garbage as ever and repeat themselves as ever. but they have become ALOT less. i hope not hearing any in the future - you know, like it was before becoming schizophrenic. who would’ve figured I would be a mentally ill person?! yeah. anyone else doing great and improving their mental state?

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you get used to voices…:wink:
take care :alien:

Nobody, me the least, thought I’d be mentally ill. Sz has no mercy, anyone can become ill.

Voices, those voices. Once they got quiet I was empty and realized Ive had voices all my life not just realized they were voices. But flupentixol made me a robot. I can’t work as a robot. I need to be able to pretend to be social with clients and coworkers. I got to change meds. But voices came back. I never get a rest from them.

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