Haunted by the waste

I have recently spent tons of money on makeup
i have the option to send it back but it would only be spent again like water… i spend too much on food and as a family my husband and I spend it all on holidays or him cars, me clothes

I watched a drama recently about a true story of a young man who borrowed money to get a bike
and as a courier got speeding tickets
the money he owed kept rising as he couldn’t pay it and he hung himself over about a £1000.00 debt because he thought the world and his family would be better off if he did this.

I guess for him it was portrayed as a pride thing of males and there is no way i am responsible for male pride

but i feel like i’m in purgatory - lately this kind of thing has been taking up more and more head space
i feelevil almost
definitely deserving of hatred

It’s easy to do. I live as large as I can but I’m learning to be more frugal. That isn’t a bad thing!

I need some money in the bank for emergencies. I usually just spend all I get and have a good time. That isn’t very practical and you soon realize that others do so well with so much less! I would like to do better and I’m sure you can get there too!

Don’t beat yourself up over it. Put in some plans and try to do what you can…it’s never easy changing everything but some things make sense and saving up some money for the tougher times seems a good investment to me!

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I’m provided for.
I have a trust fund.

my father is ‘comfortably off’

i have tried to give to charity but generally only if i over-give and then nothing
perhaps i need to give to every disaster appeal going or something

it feels like nothing £2 a month or £10 a month

I feel i should be a philanthropist but I’m not rich enough to give away my home
Muslims have the concept of Zakat, compulsory giving of a portion of their wealth away

i remember reading it is 10% of their livelihood

I don’t know if i can match that
maybe aim for 5% for now

my father has more recently been investing and living off the interest.

i have heard him say ‘not always the most ethical’

so I am in the portion of the world using more than i need or the world’s resources or evil basically

I have worked for charities and trusts - volunteering a total of about 4 years
If i get unwell i tend to try to give away more than i need to get by on
every time i hear ‘reap what you sow’ or any other karma thing i believe I’m on the wrong end of it

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sorry i pressed the wrong ‘reply’ button

It’s still valid. Glad your ok with the money. I’m not complaining my little lot but it’s a lot more precarious if I lose a parent which is getting closer.

Your lucky but still pays to be frugal. Like what do you need to survive? You don’t need to worry about it and that is cool and I can see that but you still should make some plans. It’s not that hard having a plan even if that is consolidating and making more money. Usually what the richer folks do!

Just trying to help out!

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Thank-you - you’re very practical :slight_smile:

I also have ageing parents. Scary as hell.

I still spend other peoples’ money, my own disability payments are enough to feed us full stop.

that is another ethical battle

maybe everything i spend on the internet should necessitate a percentage
that would make sense to me
2.5% is not a lot but i think it would still help me to think twice and somehow learn the value of money

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