Hate your self most of the time voice


cant help it seam like im allway unwanted or useless in ways i cant help!


Who or why do you want to help? It’s useless helping people you can’t. You got to take care of yourself, who cares about others. If your not wanted in a position to help what is the point in hating yourself. You can just as easily convert that voice into an active positive one. Saying you are worthy, don’t have a loser mentality. Do something that would make a difference to you. Just don’t loathe in the trap.


TheGreatestDrZen, just so you know, you are Talented & Gifted in all ways Classy. Your humor speaks for itself. I’d like to know there is something/someone out there that challenges or inspires you. In my book, your name ought to be in lights. The website below, focusing on good stuff, is shared with you so you know you have that extra somethin’.


if you have use they will only use you.

They’ll tell you to get your arse in that ■■■■■■■ factory and stay there until you are dead you know.

I tell you what. Give me a reason to be of use and ill feel bad about being useless.