Hate to admit it. something i told dad 2 years ago

i said tongue and cheeck. " i can’t wait for the next economic downturn" “i’ll be doing good this time” meaning that now that im on ssdi, i don’t have the stresses of a downturn. i remember in 08 or 09 during the financial crisis i was trying to find work and it was impossible to find a good job. i never had any money and it was a constant worry and stress trying to find a job all the time. no social safety net for me back then. i even remember i did get a job at amazon and got laid off, when i went to apply for unemployment i didnt have enough time of consecutive months of employment to qualify for unemployment.

now today, im looking to finally get back in the workforce and am not satisfied with being on ssdi, so im not hoping for an economic downturn.


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