Hate spiders (drawing)

Please enjoy


Another good one Sasha. Are you feeling better?

Maybe that drawing means you aren’t feeling better.

I am still struggling

I’m sorry you’re still struggling. Have you seen your doc since the job loss?

Working on getting new dr’s because I don’t have insurance anymore

Some doctors and therapists will see you on a sliding scale. I hope things turn out alright for you. I took a year-long break from working one time. Another time I took off seven months. I ended up getting jobs after those breaks. Are you applying for any benefits? SSI, or SSDI or unemployment insurance?

I hope you get in very soon. If you’re having trouble paying for meds in the interim, check out prescription assistance programs at your meds’ manufacturer. Many drug companies have programs where they give meds free of charge or at a greatly reduced rate.

This way, you don’t have to run out of meds. I hope this works for you.



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I don’t like it. It’s cruel and morbid.

I don’t like spiders either. Thanks for posting, its good to see your drawings keep coming :smile: But I am sorry you are struggling. Hope something comes up that will help you soon!

Strength to you!

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I am applying for SSDI and unemployment

i’m not keen on it, i think all living things deserve life even the ones that people don’t like and fear,

i think this is pretty cruel, its like torturing something for fun,

can’t you draw something happy with a spider in it?

Sure happy pictures will be coming when I can think happy thoughts. Sorry for the dark theme. It is cruel.

Here we go - How about a happy Spider!