Hate fuels this place i think

Pure selfish lovelessness.

It’s the key ingredient to keep all of this spinning.

Because a person thinks “should i have i kid? sure they will suffer and die but who cares i want one.”

See, if we were kind we would have been long gone.

It’s crazy! Kindness would end the human race because there is no kind person that would actually have children. They would at least have very few, only what they absolutely had to have, and only until they found a way out.

You know even evil people would never choose to be human. Had they been on the outside and someone asked if they’d like to do it they’d just say “■■■■ that! are you crazy?! im evil not stupid!” But they were forced like everyone else was.

Kindness goes a very long way. A very very very very very very very very very very long way actually. It goes so far you can’t even see how far it has gone. We’re talking a very long distance here.

Now on to the cosmos where we will continue to suffer and die repeatedly! Hopefully we expand all throughout the universe where we can suffer and die repeatedly some more! We’ll soar, we’ll rocket, we will triumph, and then suffer and die repeatedly.

Our cries, moans, and tears will spread throughout the galaxies! It will be fantastic!

You know our lifespans aren’t even worth it really.

cheer up! I does a little happy dance for u…

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Pain is pretty easy to avoid. Especially as an adult. Be a bhudda. Humanity has greatness in its future. We are in a transition phase. Our science will set us free. Science of the mind and body. Science of economics and politics. Science of culture. Its all being documented now. We sit on a threshold of knowledge and knowledge is power. So what we all die its part of the ride. Death is a disease btw. I dont think I want to live forever esp as a skits.