Hasn't my circle of friends gotten smaller

it happens every day on social media.
well don’t go pissing off your best friend,
when he starts slamming conspiracy theories.
gotta. worth it? yes.


Phil is asleep at 6 p.m. all night til about 8 a.m… then what, Sheri?


Seems like I’m losing a friend or more to illness each year now. Depressing.


It hurts losing friends you love.

I lost me a lot but they didn’t want me in their life and maybe it’s better that way .

Maybe we will make new friends some day.
Type friends that last forever.


Tbh, my circle of friends is pretty much zero now. Besides some outsiders occasionally let’s themselves in the door. But I feel way less alone despite losing all my “friends” lately. They were not real friends anyways…


I don’t have many friends either. Most people are working. I can’t socialise in pubs or cafeterias cause i don’t have money. Apparently i get a second support worker. Its a dull life, not very exciting.

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Social circles naturally decrease in our mid 20’s.

I miss my friends from school a lot. So much fun back when I was 17/18.

You could join a club to make new friends? I’m planning on work to find friends. Specifically in the music industry.

I have not had friends for 9 years

Did have 30 ppl on my FB, but I deleted them all

My friends aren’t many but they are reliable. I’m lucky to have them.

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My social circle has decreased a lot because of sz.

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