Hasn't been the best xmas so far

i’ve had a lot of problems to deal with this xmas, i’ve been tested to the hilt and i am just grateful that i can keep it together,

there is a lot going on just now and lots of change so people need me to be strong and i need to stay strong

my meds are a big help though


I’ve gotten a few downers this season. I’m going to do my best to have a good Christmas, though.

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@mrhappy You have had a lot of change happen… new place… moving… intense class… I hope you get to take it easy and re charge the batteries. For all that’s been going on… I know it’s rough… but you sound like your doing a good job getting through your day.

Good luck and keep up the good work.

@crimby - Hoping you feel better. Glad you hear that your still up and kicking the blues.

I’ve been fighting off the wax build-up like crazy. I wake up so unattached and flat feeling. I’ve also been having some brain wipe. I start to reply to something… and then brain wipe…

I’m working on it… I’ve revisiting the CBT books and homework. I’ve been working on staying connected to life… but these waves of flatness and numbness have been coming through…

I really don’t like that disconnected out of it feeling. It sort of scars me.

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@SurprisedJ I really hope you feel better man, can’t you go for a swim or something?

I have been given a spray for a thing called gullet spasms :frowning: so its really hard, luckily the kind of know what’s wrong now and that’s what the chest pains and things was, still a bugger to treat but I am so glad I spoke to a specialist.


I’m glad you spoke to a doc too… keep an eye on the physical health. Hope it gets better soon. I’m glad you’re getting to the bottom of the chest pains…

Thank you for the shout out too… I do still go swimming. I’ve been going more now that I’m done with this quarter. It helps with the mood and keeping the brain in one place … I’ve been all over the place with jumpy brain.

but the swimming… not helping much with the brain wipe or the deep numb detached feeing I’ve been waking up with. I asked my sis and she confirmed… I’m starting to flatten… I’m still feeling… I still care about stuff… but I’m still waking up numb. I’m glad it lifts a bit by midday.

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