Has you're diagnosis ever been used against you?

Now I know my post is controversial in nature, but having known several people to whom this has happened and I myself being one of those people I felt it was worth posting. What I am talking about came out of knowing several people who’s diagnosis of mental illness was used as an excuse for either passing off as delusion what in fact had really happened. One of these people told me she’d been asleep one night when two older kids, a male and a female broke into her parents house, and basically took her with them against her will. Her parents vehemently denied that this ever happened and passed it off as delusion…this a woman suffering from OCD and pervasive developmental disorder, not schizophrenia.

Another who shared her story was a woman I lived with briefly who confided in me something I thought I was alone in experiencing, anyway she often told me that her illness (Bi Polar) was often used to discredit her experiences, she’d say to me that they’d say “No, D you must have imagined that.”

I myself have experienced this, many, many times over. Memories of my life discredited as delusions, even when my mother was drawing up papers to have me committed to the state hospital even after the doctor told me point blank what she was doing and let me check out and take off she denied it for the next six months saying I must have imagined the doctor saying this and that she’d never do such a thing.

Just thought I’d post this as when I for the first time met other people who’d been diagnosed with mental illness this is what I’d come across, some won, some, like I, lost, some died by their own hand, and some still languish and struggle to the best of their abilities.

i have had my diagnosis used against me just recently.

My family decided that my diagnosis made it impossible for me to lead a healthy happy life, they wanted me to break up with my GF, sell the house i inherited from my bio dad, and move into an apartment complex for people who cant function, which by the way did not allow pets of any kind so i would have had to get rid of my dogs too.

Before that i had several hospitals i applied to work at (since i went to college to be a nurse) who told me that my diagnosis made me a liability and refused to hire me for even a simple paper pushing job.

Before that? When my GF died people who hadn’t seen her obit told me i was just imagining it and she had just gone back to school…to which i would reply I WOKE UP NEXT TO HER DEAD BODY! I PAID FOR HER FUNERAL! I PAID FOR HER CREMATION! I HAVE HER ASHES OVER THE HEAD OF MY BED! DO NOT TELL ME IT WASNT REAL!!!

that eventually led to me being locked up for horrible delusions until my mom was able to prove that my GF was dead…

An apartment complex for people who can;t function should legally allow pets whether they want it or not, I don’t know where you live but in the US all you need is a doctors note saying you’re pet is necessary for you’re health or whatever. Anyhow I live in a complex that allows pets big and small and probably for all I know payed for my and my sisters units here. I’m not going into details of what I now remember but I scarcely see how our folks shelled out the funds for two 2 bedroom units. And I remember funds…jets…lawyers…a house…all before the age of 20.

Not what I intended lets just say that as my informant says my nick is known from here to Florida.

I live in the US but this complex uses the ‘destruction of private property’ rule to make it so you cant have pets, they claim pets cost them so much in repairs it makes their services too expensive. its one of those stupid loopholes in place so rich people and big companies can get around the law.

Yeah my place won’t even pay to pave or expand the parking lot but they’re buying up local apartment complexes like they were on fire. You get home around five pm you better feel like walking because they don’t tow and there’s double the number of maximum occupants up in here.

Pet though, I’ve had slum lords happily willing to put up with up with pets…people who don’t like animals I don’t trust and I don’t trust people period because I turst too easilly.

When you’re diagnosed they are a lot more likely to send you to the hospital. I’ve fought hospitalizations in court before. I think it was a case of people thinking I don’t know what is best for me, and them having to do the opposite of what I wanted. Maybe I should have emphasized what hospitalizations cost the taxpayer.