Has Your Deep Thinking Been Your Downfall? Would you Change it?

As sufferers of psychosis/mental health issues, a lot of us will be deep thinkers, often in a philosophical way and pondering life’s big questions. Do you think this contributed to feeling unwell in the early days or do you accept it as a part of who you are and you wouldn’t change it for the world?

I myself wouldn’t change it for a second - we are who we are and I often enjoy having a good old think, although sometimes the cognitive symptoms get in the way!


I wouldn’t change it, it was a consequence of the downfall as I wasn’t able to stay with people no more.


Apparently I worry too much but me no think so!!
I think it’s a good amount that makes me take good precaution for stuff

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I wouldn’t change, but I have to be careful because of where I live. The guy who plays the intellectual dandy often isn’t liked in assisted living centers. I try not to sound off in other people’s company, but I have always looked at my ruminating and speculating as a resource which improved my life.

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I’m one of the deepest thinkers here or on the planet, I think. Pretty much, I’m thinking about thinking or thinking about myself and how I became so ■■■■■■ up! It’s pretty internal for me. I’m smarter than people think I am. I try to appear dumb to most people. Before I was sick, I had to tone down my vocabulary because it was too much work for me.

Would I change it? Depends. If I could live a non schizophrenic life, maybe as a farmer…I would. Or just doing retail, I would be happier not questioning things. God made me different. I’m not special.


Jealous people have been my downfall. They won’t let people do a thing, making me very sick and then complain about people not working. No one did this, when I worked

I had a psychiatrist who told me that introspection was not prior to brain chemistry. I asked him many times, and each time he denied it. That is, you cannot overthink yourself into psychosis. The chemical imbalance is prior to the mental phenomena. He stuck by this “biological revolution in psychiatry” for as long as I knew him.

Was he wrong?

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No I think he was right to be honest - although we can be more introspective, I don’t think it causes the illness. Having thought about it, I think that calming philosophical thinking can actually help us in many ways.

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My father said something that suprised me. He said he thinks deep thinkers or people with a lot going on in their mind, intellectual types, seem to be prone to psychosis.

I took this as a compliment. But i would change it. Id be a lot happier and accepted more socially.


Hmm yep I asked on some irc chat channel once: Is god - ‘universal justice’ or ‘universal intelligence’?

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