Has this ever happened to you?

Today i was accused of attempted murder because i left coffee grounds on the counter.

I was then instantly given a judgement of three times the attempted murder.

Ever happen to you?

Funny you should mention that. I forgot to take the used K-Cup out of the Keurig after making my morning coffee and Mrs. Pixel was not amused. I think the riding crop may be coming out this evening after work.


What was your sentencing, i got three death sentences thrown at me for it.

This same person also threatened me with a knife once, i’d leave but i’m trapped like a pig in a cage.

I have to clean the washroom regularly used by a teenager.

Don’t suppose you want to trade?


I wouldn’t allow you to trade with me pixel, she’s somewhat of a witch and we have demons.

Wouldn’t be long and you’d be sick or dead.

Really creepy ■■■■ going on here and i can’t get out.