Has there been any advancements in antipsychotics the last 24 years

Yes there is really evidence for that Keto has had a remarkebly effect on the Schitzo spectra and that I learned on the YouTube Channel if I remember the Channel was Living Well with Schizophrenia. She had dropped from 140 mg Latuda to 20 mg under observation of her treatment team.
Quite remarkebly.

Crimby I also Think that you are doing very Well. I dont Think you have any psychosis on those meds you are on. You,Got feelings and empathy. I dont Think you could get those properties from any 1. Gen antipsychotics. And you are not rapporting any side effects.
I had to search for years to get the right meds combo. I only found two gems in regards to that. No other meds will do,for you. And likewise you I really just found 2 meds that worked the right Way.
I don`t think they will put you on any other meds because you are High functioning on Geodon and Seroquel.

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Thank you! I was glad to hear what you said.

Things don’t get better. That’s the problem