Has the law altered your behavior? or do you have freedom as a law abiding citizen?

well needless to say, it is illegal for me to live how i like. so i don’t smoke or grow weed, which i would like to, and i no longer go for long distance hikes to places, for fear of getting picked up by the cops. other than those two things, laws don’t affect me much and i have some freedom left. freedom seems to be only for law abiding citizens i guess.

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Here in the US we enjoy a lot of freedoms other places don’t.

I guess you only get to have most of those freedoms if you are a law abiding citizen.

I’ve only struggled with that a couple times,

Arrested both.

Doesn’t feel good.

But most the time, I don’t find it difficult to just obey the law.


It hasn’t really altered my behavior but after ending up in juvenile traffic court at the age of 16 and getting a dose of reality that the court generally doesn’t care about your story or reasons so now I am pretty careful about obeying laws in general.

I learned that if I don’t speed then I can spend a $100 on other things.


yeah i used to speed when i was younger, but now drive the speed limit. luckily i never got a speeding ticket, but once got a warning. i did one time get a ticket for not wearing my seat belt though. now they have laws in indiana that you can’t talk on the phone while driving. it’s a new law.

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Smoking and weed are legal here, but I have no interest in either. We’re allowed to hike all we want so long as we pratice social distancing under the current health measures. I generally avoid people anyhow so it hasn’t stressed me that much. I do miss restaurant dining. Some is allowed, but it’s just not safe for me with my comorbidities, I need to be more careful than most. I would voluntarily be isolating even if it weren’t mandatory.

I live a pretty quiet life and don’t find the laws bother me that much.


The law alters my behavior. If it was legal, I would own a lot of fireworks and set them off every weekend. It is probably good that I can’t, though.


No. But i worry about schizophrenia and being a victim or a victim of a conspiracy. My life was great before 2011. I was a normal college kid. I worry about free speech.

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I had a former set of neighbors who would do exactly that. Luckily fireworks aren’t as annoying to listen to compared to dirt bikes. One distant neighbor found out one night that that racket was a no-no for Skunk’s piece of mind.


Not really. When I’ve done illegal things I’ve just made sure not to get caught, and when I couldn’t avoid it, made sure it was only illegal enough to get me a slap on the wrist or a warning.

When people get caught doing something illegal, they make the rookie mistake of denying everything and claiming to be 100% law abiding.

The trick is to admit to minor indiscretions so the cops think you’re being honest.


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