Has someone here ever practiced fencing?

I need to do a physical exercise that I enjoy. I practice Pilates but that’s not so enjoyable.

I’m thinking on practicing fencing:

Has someone ever practiced it? Is it too expensive? Is it dangerous for the back (I watched some videos and it doesn’t seem too dangerous, but I still have to consider other opinions because I have discal herniation)?

I think it’s a very exciting sport that I would practice, mostly because I love martial arts. But it has been a bit difficult to practice Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Judo or Jiu-Jitsu with my back problems.

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Just called a fencing teacher of a school nearby and he said that, if my pain is not chronic (which is not anymore), fencing would be even good for my posture and help with my back problems. He’ll return my call afterwards and will let me do an experimental class. I’m excited to do it :smiley:


I did Sabre for a couple years, along with archery. It’s a great exercise and social.

Wasn’t very good but I had fun


Brazil made Jiu-Jitsu a force to be reckon with. Sorry you have health issues. I don’t know anything about fencing.

Swimming might be good for your back.

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I think the fencing swords they use have a blunt tip so should be safe. You wear head protection

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Oh, it’s awesome to hear it’s very social! I’m willing to make new friends.

Swimming is good for my back, but I find it boring and the swimming teacher of nearby school pushed too hard on me (I got really exhausted and he wanted more and more). So I got scared and stopped the swimming classes. At least I’m already practicing Pilates, which’s good for my back.

But maybe I’m a bit whiny and it’s really a good idea to go swim with that teacher again in order to get fit. I’m not sure of that. What do you think?

Oh, yeah, at least it’s safer than many other martial arts.


:muscle::muscle::muscle:You can learn to swim from youtube videos.

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It was funny, lol.

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