Has screen-related techonology made people more suceptible to mental illness?

I’m just thinking computers and internet didn’t become mainstream before the mid 90’s. Is it indirectly causing more psychosis in the population?

For me personally I think a unhealthy use of computers might have contributed to my first psychosis. Now I’m taking steps to lessen my computer time. I have a app that makes it impossible to log into my device 3 days a week and also every day from 0.00-8am and 10am to 14pm. I feel more clear in my head. It seems to help a lot.

I think computers contribute to psychosis because of the material one has access too.


I agree, and I’m not just thinking about porn, but many other things as well. It’s like your brain gets stimuli overload. Like in the old days they might cut to a scene on tv every few seconds, now it’s like they can cut scenes many times in the same second…and also there’s all the pressure to be a sucsess…that’s also floating around there…on the net…

Personally, I think the increase in mental illness has more to do with 1) increased diagnosis as more people seek help, and 2) the increasing atomization we experience.

The internet and computers can be addictive, and I think more people are prone to addiction these days due to the state of the world. So in a way, it can make things worse, but not the cause of increase in mental illness.

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Internet was a breeding ground for my mental illness.

However I may have got it anyways just in a different way if not for the existence of the internet.

It definitely was strange living in a world without internet for the beginning of my life. Then my parents had no clue about the negative implications of the internet. Given my dad had his head sewed on with technology.

They definitely raised me thinking the internet was purely good. And they were definitely wrong.

I can’t blame my dad in a world of all or nothing.

But I can blame a world of all or nothing.

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I honestly feel my mental health would have been a lot worse if I hadn’t had technological doodads.
I had no friends growing up, not even as a teen, and no mental capacity to maintain friendships.
I took solace in games and online forums.
And now that I’m afraid of being alone, it helps my anxiety to know all I have to do is push a button, and someone is there to talk to.
I need constant stimulation, or my thoughts get too loud and unbearable.


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