Has schizophrenia, psychosis or mania affected the way you dress and how?

I had a oversized purple shirt out of rough silk from india. You didn’t need to wash it often, and it could only be washed by hand. I wanted the shirt. I don’t think schizophrenia is the reason.

Please elaborate or/and show pictures of the clothes.

I was wearing a brown hat and a brown cardigan.

My dad wouldn’t be seen with me and thought I should buy new clothes.

I got the hat from second hand shop n it was one of those fancy dress up hats.

I later sent the hat to the queen of England.
Cost a fortune to send it.
I didn’t know she doesn’t wear brown.
Or second hand.

God knows why I sent it to her .
And that was all the money n savings I had to send it to her.

At another time I had a scarf that comforted n protected me but I lost it.
Always had it on for a while.

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I used to wear my coat all seasons of the year.

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I go out with my pyjamas haha

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I haven’t shopped for new clothes since getting sick 8 years ago… except shoes, I needed a new pair because my old ones wore out.

Most of my polo shirts are starting to come apart at some of the seams, I really need some new ones.

I no longer care if my clothes are dirty, ragged, or I’m generally (sometimes severely) unkempt.

I stopped lugging a purse around after psychosis hit.

I no longer wear make up every time I go out. I don’t care about my hair, or teeth.

I’m mostly apathetic about my appearance now.

I’ll only put in a small effort for the guy I’m seeing, but that’s it, and only because I know he’d care if I didn’t.

I used to wear beautiful blouses, and a lot of silk. A lot of dresses (I probably have 100+). It’s rare I’m not just in a t-shirt and pajamas now.

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And slippers lol but at least I cut my long toe nails if I go out :joy:

Yes. In several ways.

I find it harder to take care of myself. I try to look well-groomed enough, but it is hard to really care.
I dress more ‘modestly’. Psychosis made me rethink my values.
I care less about clothes and have less money, so I don’t buy many new clothes.
I care less about other peoples opinions, so I just wear whatever feels comfortable or looks good in my eyes. I don’t look weird I think, but I’m less scared to deviate from the average fashion.


Lazier. Often no underwear and often no socks.

Yeah I dress in loose clothes because I’m overweight. I also dress in cheap clothes because that’s what I can afford. I don’t even have the clothes to attend a funeral in.

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I’m now wearing sweatpants a t shirt and hoodie most of the time.

Even during the Summer months

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I feel i look like a bum with my raggedy ass sweats and flannel baseball cap to keep my fluffball under control