Has schizophrenia made you more gullible?

I don’t trust very well. I have never been conned. I have a pretty good poker face too.

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Yeah I wouldn’t say gullible but more vulnerable .

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No, definitely more paranoid

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I think the disease has made me less gullible and much more vigilant and cautious of peoples words

I understand and feel the same way it sucks but a fact of life

Like many others here, due to anxiety and paranoia, I have become less naïve/gullible and lean probably a little too far in the other direction.

My social skills when I am not feeling well and poor and people can take advantage of me, but I don’t think it is because I am unware of what is going on, I just don’t have the presence of mind to fix the problem when it is happening.

I was more gullible before as a child, as I used to mix with all the wrong people and they treated me really badly.

Schizophrenia has made me much wiser, and more have more respect and humanity for others.

I am a lone wolf now, I don’t let people in because I am afraid to put the trust in the wrong people.

Each to their own though.

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If you believe in what most people don’t believ,you are consider guillable.I believe in love for example,might be guillable if the person you love doesn’t believe

I don’t feel gullible. But I do feel very vulnerable.

Self talk can give you a thick skin as can Oorgles affirmations thread on here.

I think schizophrenia did more to expose the gullibilities that were there… more so than bring more in.

To be victim to psychosis is to be gullible… unfortunately… and realizing that is tormenting because its so deep.

It’s the fear and what fear spells out. That the underpinning of psychosis… and that’s the irrationality we have to live with. We can’t avoid fear… so we can’t avoxid being gullible.

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