Has schizophrenia made you more gullible?

I feel I’ve become more gullible as a schizophrenic. Gullible to news, gullible to lies, gullible to just about everything. I have a hard time trusting my own mind, about what is right or wrong. A part of the illness could be the ambivalence that it carries with it, but I just feel more gullible each and every day. Like I’m being taken advantage of. Like Thomas Schiff in the Dark Knight.


I am a businesslike person, I am not gullible at all.

that’s good, I was like that before the illness.

I’m LESS gullible now. I was pretty gullible before I got on meds.


I do not think that I am gullible.

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I must be the only one lol, that’s alright. I’m glad you guys and gals don’t feel gullible. It’s not a good feeling.

Yes I think I am I’m too trusting of other people

I’m very vulnerable too.

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My paranoia makes me hard to convince. It protected me from drug dealers when I was homeless.


The one that comes to mind is the Twilight series

My daughter and I both read all the books and saw all the movies. Have you seen the Great Gatsby with Leo?

Sorry wrong thread

I hate my phone


Its made me the opposite. I trust no-one. When i was ill - people were rinsing me left and right for money. Cos i wrongly thought they were my friends - and i was feeling isolated and lonely.

I lend bugger all out now - just maybe to a nieghbour upstairs, but thats it.

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I feel gullible still/while on meds. A part of me keeps trying to convince people that my voices are the result of Santeria.

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I am way less gullible now than before sza and even more so after recalling my trauma. I can smell bullsh!t a mile away. And to boot I have less of a filter so I’m going to call it as I see it. Irl that is.


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Gullible isn’t even a real word. It isn’t even in the dictionary - go check



I find that chronic inflammation in the brain does something bad to the logical faculties that keep a person grounded. It’s like they don’t kick in, and a person loses the filter they normally use to gauge the logic of incoming messages with.

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Sometimes, I can be pretty darn gullible. Other times not.

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Its hard to say no. But are you from Missouri @anon49063606 ? Just be a little doubtful of the situation or take it with a grain of salt. That should protect you.

I’m no longer gullible really on meds but off APs I was kind of clueless.

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When delusional I listen a lot to whoever I am closest to trusting because I can’t work reality out for myself. It’s kind of odd when psychotic I’m really paranoid about big conspiracies but am still quite trusting of the people I talk to.