Has schizophrenia given you more empathy towards people/

Hey guys , as above, in my case i try not to judge other people, i believe everyone has a cross to bear in this life, thoughts?

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Yes, having sza has helped me empathise with others

It’s had the opposite effect on me. I didn’t get help from anybody when I most needed it so now I’ve become pretty cold towards most people.


Schizophrenia took all my empathy. I don’t cry anymore on sad things and in funerals. I don’t think I will be able to cry when my parents die in about 10 years. Sometimes I laugh inappropriately on sad things and in funerals.

I hope I won’t laugh when my parents die because my brothers will kill me.

I’m an empathic person, but it’s only due to my personality.
Schizophrenia has only given me pain.

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I think it’s important to not let schizophrenia define you. I find it has given me slightly less empathy, although in some ways not, because I now take the time to be polite to those with similar or more severe disabilities. I wouldn’t laugh at a funeral, I am able to control myself although at times I find it difficult to sit still in silence, the urge to do something stupid is easily controlled. Schizophrenia is a misunderstood condition, I’m hoping I can get a job and/or study some more and then melt into the existing structures, meaning schizophrenia doesn’t get in my way as much as it has already. I often look back in regret thinking what might have been if I’d dealt with the diagnosis more effectively, the first time round. I had my medication brought down recently, which I’m very happy about.

I care though im not around people that much.

No. Not at all.

Because if I didn’t get sz. I would have experienced other things in life. So id be able to go in the shoes of other ppls experiences… If that makes sense?


We talked about this before----sz doesn’t necessarily feel more empathetic but people with sza because of the bi-polar mechanism have empathetic tendencies…yeah sometimes too much.

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I’ve become cold towards people who don’t have there mindset straight. People who drink, do drugs etc I don’t give a sh!t about. This illness has opened my eyes about humanity and how effed up it actually is. How much abuse goes on in households and how sick some people really are and will eff you over in a heartbeat. It’s a very cruel world and either you hunt or become the hunted.

Mental illness is what caused me to develop compassion for other people and empathy. Before my mental illness got real bad I was pretty narcissistic and did not really think about or care about others.

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I agree. In a sense, schizophrenia has improved me in that way. I’m more tuned into the suffering of others since I’ve had this disease.

I don’t think I have much empathy for anyone but myself. I’m always crying over how life didn’t put me first.

In my experience - having empathy for certain people round here, just leaves you wide open to emotional or financial abuse. I have a long memory when it comes to people that took the fcking piss outta me when they found out i was schizophrenic. As if i was “thick”.

I look after number one now. The rest can go fck themselves with a ten inch dildo.

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