Has ps4 been hacked yet?

i am really curious to know …ps4 been hacked.
if it is hacked we can play pirated games…
if u r game freak …plz share the information.
take care,?

hacker… :-1:


how are u daydreamer…???

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(Wearing moderator hat)

i’m good, i just support the industry thats all, how are you?

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wow thts niece…aren’t u on job…

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i havent got a job lol

have u tried 4 it…

I own a hacked Wii , Xbox orig. and PlayStation 2 , 360 next…

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idk man i guess i’d think i was stealing or something

Yeah , ever watch a stolen movie?

cant remember ?

i normally just buy them from a shop

It’s just about doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing.
You may get away with stuff. But it’s wrong.

Pirating is stealing. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a movie or a game or a song.

Yes some artists don’t need the money, but some do. How would you feel if your employer used your work and then decided to pay you?

Yes if you are on assistance, you are poor yes. But how would you feel if the government decided to skip your check? Or only pay for some months and then not pay for others?

Does that mean you can steal when the government has lost your check. Or when it takes money out of your check that isn’t right. Can I steal then? No

Can I steal if someone steals from me ? No

I get easily confused at times and that is why God made it simple for me.

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Yeah not surprised , most people will not measure up to your moral standards. So what do you do with high speed unlimited data broadband? Forums , websites , etc?

what would they be?

i have no idea

The idea that you would not pirate books,movies,games,music because you view it as stealing or immoral.

i use to be a thief, i went to shops and stole but i was younger then and immature,

i dont think i’ll be stealing again, i dont want to tbh, i dont really like that part of me that use to steal, it was a cry for help at the time i think but you never know

OK , but the vast vast majority of computer savy people will not measure up to that. You do understand that?

computer theft is so easy, its like came out of the shops and went online, may as well have done that back then lol could have made a fortune haha (or saved),

the introduction of cameras into shops made it harder as well and in the end i just gave up lol (got too fed up with being chased) and i wasnt feeling that great anyway,

i knew it was wrong and i knew it went against my moral compass so i guess thats what happened

Man you seem too caught up in ideas with ‘Shame’ as a general theme