Has CBD dramatically helped anyone?

I’m knew to the forum. I’ll throw out that I’m always looking for new treatments or cures. It wouldnt surprise me if out of billions of people some people can find treatments for symptoms. I’ll tell you what helped me more than anything has been prism glasses. They centered me and altered my perception. Just started cbd and I’m wondering if anyone has anything to say about it in terms of what dose they needed and if it actually helped. Thanks guys.

Hi. CBD has helped me to manage my anxiety with great success. Others have said it is not so great for them. I think it depends on the person. It has not helped with delusions or hallucinations, though. For that,I still need my AP. I was able to give up my anxiety med (with doctor approval) after I had been on the CBD for a while.

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Its didn’t help me, it made me sleepy and drowsy.
Also its a natural weak antipsychotic and I don’t want it to mess with my meds.

It is fascinating that prism glasses have helped you. I had a student who loved her prism glasses for the same reason. It helped with her sensory issues.

Prism glasses have helped SO much. You have to go to an optometrist who specializes in prism glasses. My whole world was off until I got perscription prism and after a few months I didnt need them anymore.


Thanks for the happy story!

I had cataract surgery on both eyes There is much gained, but something’s lost as well.

What do prism glasses do exactly?

Depends of the ingredients, where and how it’s processed, the dosage you take and frequency of such dose. Indica strains of marijuana edibles at small doses actually shows much much stronger statistical data proving it’s effectiveness over CBD, which only has 0.03% THC in each dose.
Best of luck!

I was going to try CBD until the pharmacist told me that Depakote and CBD can potentially cause liver damage.
I scrapped the idea of trying CBD.

Prism glasses are incredible. They adjust where your frame of vision is when you see. My vision was off to the right and if I didnt already do a lot of vision therapy I wouldnt have noticed it until I got prism glasses. The prism glasses brought me back to center. They alter your perception and you only need to wear them for a few months for the therapeutic effect. I highly advise anyone on this forum to find a doctor who knows how to treat with prism glasses. My theory is that everyone feels the way they do based on their visual perception. You dont know how much your vision can improve until it does. You tend to not notice when your vision gets worse and you end up with a diagnosis like this. Another thing that helped me tremendously are iv antibiotics. I have lyme disease which most people with mental illness have and iv antibiotics have helped clear up my brain so much. Btw I have been hospitalized 20 times with psychosis and I’m only 28 so it’s been a nightmare but I’m always looking for ways to treat this condition because I value life so much and ever since getting I’ll it’s not really living. Now up to today. I’ve been taking CBD for the past 5 days. 25mg everyday. I felt nothing until today. All of a sudden around dinner time I felt extremely sleepy and after that all of a sudden my world opened up. The derealization depersonalization cleared up 90%. Its incredible. I was looking for antipsychotic effect or something to just numb my feelings and the CBD makes me feel actually just normal. Not numb, not sedated, not relaxed, just absolutely for the first time in 10 years normal. Theres a huge misconception that because the studies used 600+mg that you need to use that much. I got this advice from many people. This stuff is absolutely INCREDIBLE. You have to try it. It doesnt work right away. It could take a week. But you have to try it.

CBD helped me tremendously with the headaches from coming off if anti depressants. Everyone is different. It may be worth trying. There are many CBD products.

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I like cbd. It helps me out.

I use a 30-1 CBD to THC tincture. California state shop, lab tested for purity and quality. My dosage is measured to 30-60mg. It helps me a great deal with anxiety. 45 minutes or so after I take it I notice a calming effect, no high, but a mental relaxation.

Be careful what you buy as there is a lot of knock off crap.

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Indica is high THC. That is the pro psychotic compound in marijuana. Don’t consume this.


Yeah I was going to say THC is a no no.

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Sativa is the upper and activating ingredient. A lot of people can ingest Indica which is a downer form of THC. But yeah everyone is different

No, THC is psychoactive to any SZ. 50% of all psychosis episodes are due to marijuana, even.

It isn’t exactly a godsend for schizophrenics.

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I think @Hollister meant the very low THC marijuana. Its legal here but anyways it didn’t help me, it just made me sleepy and drowsy.

She said “a lot of people can ingest Indica.” That’s the high THC strain. The troublesome kind.

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@naturallycured is right:

Cannabis indica produces large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).”

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