Has anyone watched Love on the Spectrum on Netflix?

Love on the Spectrum is about young people who are on the autism spectrum trying to find love. Season 2 was released about two weeks ago.

I watched Season 1, but not yet Season 2. I find it touching and humorous:


Thanks @anon16583342!
I’m going to check it out!


That’s pretty cool. I have Asperger’s, a mild form of autism, so I might actually check the show out. Usually not a fan of reality shows, but what the hell


My partner (who has ASD) and I love it. Genuine, heartwarming stuff.


Hubby and I have it on our list of things to watch. Haven’t seen it yet. :relaxed:

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Yes, it’s a great show!


i have watched one episode.

i find it touching too.
brought tears to my eyes.

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I don’t have Netflix but it sounds like a really neat show!

My little nephew has autism and it just breaks my heart knowing that he might face stigma one day.

I have a feeling as he gets older we’ll get along really well. :slight_smile:

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I watched the first series twice … need to finish the last three episodes on second series. I loved the scene with Kelvin and his date ‘competter’. :rofl:

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This is the scene

It just shows how difficult it is to communicate. Myself, I am socially challenged LOL

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This looks like a great show. I like the quote from the trailer, love is the most chaotic Force. How true

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No. I just watched; Love is Blind. People communicate without seeing each other and fall in love.

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That’s pretty cool

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Watching it as I type this :slightly_smiling_face:

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